Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I'm back

Two and a half weeks later I have internet again! That was a saga, and I have been back on the phone today and tonight sorting out the outrageous mixed-up bill they sent me. But it is now finished. So much running around and chasing things! (And at times it's jolly hard trying to do it all when you have a full time job, but soon it will be all over.) I never want to move again. So, for now, I don't have the head space to string sentences together, but here are the latest bus book reads.
A photo posted by Alison Payne (@thisfoggyday) on

A photo posted by Alison Payne (@thisfoggyday) on

Saturday, April 25, 2015


Still no internet at home. I was feeling a little smug about proving I am not addicted to the World Wide Web and can live without it, but if it goes on much longer I might start throwing things.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Bus book reading

I won't have internet at home till Wednesday apparently, and supposedly my home phone line is working, though I can't get it to work myself, so hopefully this is not a saga ... And while I know it is good to determine that I am not addicted to the internet or some such thing, it is now becoming frustrating, as when one moves there are a lot of things one might like to look up, like where to get battery-operated sensor lights, bus timetables, the opening times of recycling centres, what I can buy at Bunnings ... And how does one look things up these days if not online?

But this morning I had an idea, which was to instagram the books I read on the bus and share them here, just for fun and because this is a place for books (my Facebook friends might not appreciate it and I might not share them there - Facebook is not really my sympathetic audience). So, here are the first two.

(Incidentally, a post here was shared on reddit or somewhere the weekend, and this blog has been going nuts since, but I couldn't really access it over the weekend to do anything about it. And right now I am really disappointed, as I just went to the green shed shop and was pondering this frame I liked, and while thinking about it another fellow stood in front of it and looked at it then moved on, but then before I got to it another lady came through the door, picked it up and bought it - bummer! - and note to self: if pondering things in shops pick them up! I'm so annoyed.)

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Saturday morning as a home owner

Still no internet here. And I have turned into one of those people. I was at Bunnings Warehouse just after 9 am buying mostly garden stuff. And I have since taken three car loads stuffed full (with back seats down) of green waste to the tip, because I've already gotten carried away attacking the jungle in the back courtyard and pulling stuff out, and then I took another load of boxes to the recycling. I was trying to beat the rain forecast for today. But now that that mission has been accomplished I am having a coffee and will turn to the remaining chaos inside the house. Hopefully I am online soon!

Monday, April 13, 2015

At the moment

Hello dear readers. I am writing this on my phone, which is definitely not going to become a way of life, as I can't even see a whole sentence on the screen, but just thought I'd check in. I moved to the new house over the weekend, which all went fine as far as moving goes but is quite the task all the same. I won't have Internet here till the end of the week so can tell tales then.

Tomorrow morning I work out the bus run and am looking forward to the reading time that brings, which might endow this blog with something more interesting than the logistics of my life.

It seems a month ago but I hope everyone had an Easter with a little more time to pause, reflect and wonder than I found here.

Till later, Ali