Wednesday, December 09, 2015

The Story of the Bible

I've been somewhere between swimming and sinking for the last few weeks. We received a summons to the Ro*yal Commi*ssion at work a few weeks ago (along with every Anglican Diocese in the country), which has meant vast amounts of extra work, on top of the preparation for the latest ordination service ...

But outside of work the thing that a lot of hours of my life have also disappeared into is this, which I put together with the youth Sunday School class I have led this year for the big service, which was the Sunday just gone. It's the most amateur thing you ever did see, and I have given myself a crash course in iMovie, as well as learning more about teenagers along the way. (After a couple of weeks I realised collaboration was not really set to work, so I gave them all a sheet with a particular section on it, and told them all to go home and get creative and we'd video it, and they mostly came back the next week without their sheets and just read out of my book, but I didn't have time to do anything about that as we only had Sunday mornings, so we made do.) The kid who walks out of view in the out-takes right at the end wanted to take my phone away and just record an audio, and later I discovered his fabulous reading (which I had to work out how to get off my phone and into iMovie!), but I had to then add my drawings for visuals, which I never intended to end up on any video.

We used The Bible Overview material from Matthias Media, supplemented with some of the wonderful Jesus Story Book Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones. See whether you recognise the soundtrack!

(I've put it up as an unlisted youtube, which only those with a link can see, as I haven't yet asked each of the kids for permission to put it on the world wide web which I think I have to do, but if it's gets problematic I might take it away, so now is your opportunity!)